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The future is  Nano-Medicine.

The application of nano-technology to the monitoring, diagnosing, prevention and treatment of diverse diseases is Nano-Medicine.  

This new evolving area will revolutionize medical sciences in the near-future. Nano-medicine applications will address problems in the areas of patient monitoring, pacemakers, biochips, medical sensors, insulin pumps, drug delivery systems and glucose monitoring. 

In future, diagnostic nano-machines could monitor the human body internally and in real-time. They may be equipped with wireless transmitters and will send out warnings when changes in the chemical imbalance are detected. Nano-machines could be planted in the nervous system to monitor brain-wave (EEG), and other vital signals and functions.

Another exciting area would be implanted drug delivery systems. At a higher level of the application we may see in future nano-robots acting as mini-surgeons, in the level of single cells. 

Just imagine what this technology will do to
Pain management, monitoring and treatment.

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