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The Neuro-CPD System

The system is built using multi-channel physiological signal processing algorithm in real-time to operate also under ambulatory conditions.

The major components and modules are:

Data Acquisition (DA) collecting EEG, ECG, EMG, BP, RESP and other physiological signals in real time. Receiving verbal information from the patient and generating a specific adaptive patient pain profile (PPP, see form). It also contains an Electro-Neural stimulation unit.

Data Processing and Analysis (DP) - The acquired data is processed and analyzed using sophisticated Heuristic Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithms. All data is correlated and transferred to the Diagnostic module.

Diagnostic Reporting Module (DR) The Pain reporting module. The 3 modules may not necessarily located at the same place. Communication between them is by using the latest 'Bluetooth' technology.

The Report 

Among other parameters and diagnostic clinical information, the report will classify the pain into the following visual pain levels:
0 - No pain ; 1-3 Mild ; 4-6 Moderate ; 7-9 High ; 10- Extra High.

Today patients after injury are referred for orthopedic care where the appropriate treatment may resolve the problem. However, in certain cases patients will not get lasting relief mainly because of inaccurate diagnosis.

Using Neuro-CPD those patients may receive the appropriate neuro-medical treatment.

Neuro-CPD may localize and classify the source and type of pain, psychological or biological, which may avoid in certain cases unnecessary surgery. This may save billions of dollars on inappropriate procedures, assist patients and may save insurance companies on unjustified insurance claims.

Neuro-CPD will increase the accuracy of the diagnosis.

Neuro-CPD system can monitor and document the effects of physiotherapy, pharmacological treatments and other interventions for clinical as well as research purposes.

Neuro-CPD will provide objective physiological verified data.

Neuro-CPD is a complementary tool for the physician to diagnose correctly and recommend the appropriate treatment. It is NOT replacing the physician nor is it performing any direct clinical assessment. It is reporting accurately certain vital signs so that in conjunction with the physical, psychological effect and other symptoms of pain the physician may recommend the right treatment.

Neuro-CPD will revolutionize the treatment of pain by physicians for the benefit of all parties involved.

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